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The Top Strains Of Indica Cannabis That Are Considered To Be Powerful

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If you are a medical or recreational user of cannabis, it would only make sense if you would like to know the various top strains of indica cannabis that are available. Anyone who is making use of cannabis especially for medicinal purposes wants to be able to get a weed concentration that is high while at the same time at a healthy level. The stronger the strain, the more effective it is going to be for you. If you are looking for something that is going to help you have a kick back, relax while at the same time get stoned with the taste that you are getting from the weed that you are making use of. Also, the different strains of cannabis have different tolerance levels for any person that consumes them. Make sure that you do not end up making any mistakes especially when it comes to the particular type of cannabis that you want to make use of.

The top strains of indica cannabis include the following:

  • Fat Banana

These top strains of indica cannabis are one of those badass versions of the banana type. Also, it has already been tested in huge amounts just so that one can be able to see how strong it is. This specific type of strain is known to be a dark dessert of the cannabis strain. You may be surprised to find that if this is a strain that you are not used to, then it may end up being a little bit of too much for you. If you are taking this strain for medicinal purposes, then it is advisable that you only make sure that you take the dosage that is required of you. Fat banana is known to be one of those compact and versatile hybrids.

  • Purple queen

This is another top strains of indica cannabis. This type is most edible and made into cookies. However, in countries like Canada where cookies have been banned, it may be close to impossible for you to be able to get this edible unless you decide to get it in the black market. If this is a road that you want to follow, you should also be ready to take all the risks that are involved. These chunky nugs are able to release the right biscuit aroma that you are looking for. Once it has reached combustion, you should be able to have this delight in a confectionery sweet flavor.

  • Critical Kush

This strain is able to bring about a high level of firepower. It is known to carry away veterans and novices alike. This is one of those strains that is a must for most growers out there.

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